Everything you need to know about ready mix concrete.

Ready mix concrete not only provides a more rigorous and homogenous quality as compared to concrete from a mixer, but it also offers a range of extensive solutions to meet all types of needs. At Premix, we present to you a comprehensive overview of the subject.

What is ready mix concrete?

Referred to as RMC, ready mix concrete is essentially fresh concrete that’s been prepared in a batching plant , which is then delivered directly to the construction site by a concrete mixer truck. It should however, not be confused with concrete made on site by workers, that is a mix of cement, aggregates and water. What sets RMC apart is its production in a batching plant. On one hand, it allows for the concrete to meet strict standards, and on the other hand, also can be adapted to diverse needs and demands (for instance, concrete that offers different grades of strength, delayed setting times, self-compacting concrete, coloured concrete etc.).

At Premix, we pride ourselves on offering ready mix concrete that is customised to our customers’ specific needs, spanning over three ranges of concrete–each meeting a specific demand:

The Classics:

These traditional mixes range from grade 15 to grade 50 , are our standard quality range and are suitable for most construction sites.

The Pro Series:

Designed to provide custom solutions for projects, these flexible and smart mixes with technical qualities are used as alternatives to classic concrete.

The Aesthetics:

These mixes provide decorative concrete that have been minutely crafted to bring your design concepts to life, be it indoors or outdoors.

Additionally, our raw materials (cement and aggregates), as well as our Classics and Pro Series ranges adhere to British Standards (BS) and European Norms (EN) and have been certified to meet the strictest requirements. However, decorative concrete that is applied on solid ground, is not subject to the same standards.

How is ready mix concrete produced?

Mixed in a batching plant according to the requirements of the construction site, RMC is generally a mix of cement, water and aggregates in varying proportions depending on the desired result.
During the mixing process, the batching plant incorporates additives that reinforce certain assets of the concrete, allowing for special mixes that will influence the concrete’s mechanical strength, rheology or even the setting time (accelerated or delayed).

Once the concrete is ready, it is poured into the mixer trucks that will transport it to the construction site, where it will be poured, pumped or flowed into moulds or formworks, as needed. At Premix, we provide skilled teams, from our subcontractors to our partners, that have been trained to meticulously place the concrete onto the construction site.

The benefits of ready mix concrete.

While the advantages of this type of concrete are multifold, they mainly rely on three pillars: economy, quality and speed of service.

Saving time on the construction site:

by avoiding storing raw materials on site and leaving less waste behind , the construction becomes more accessible and effective for various tasks.

Real savings:

The mixer is often used as an alternative to ready mix concrete, but it is a process that is costly as well as time and energy-consuming. In addition to buying or renting a mixer, the desired quantity of concrete must be pre-calculated, and adequate labour needs to be hired for its production. It is a laborious task that entails having to anticipate direct and indirect costs through the process.

Stringent quality:

Manufactured according to strict standards and dosages, ready mix concrete offers consistent and uncompromised quality as well as a wide range that has been designed to adapt to all specific needs of a construction site.

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