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Life at Premix

« Six years ago, I joined Premix as an electrician. My peers who have more seniority trained me in the production of concrete. Today, thanks to them, I manage the plant activities and the team of drivers. This specialised role is complex; one must be vigilant and adhere to all safety procedures in place. Each day comes with its own set of challenges, but everyone puts their heads together to come up with solutions. Despite the stress that comes with the job, we have a cool attitude! We are good at what we do, and our customers trust us. »

Yannick C.

Plant Operator

« Premix is not only my home and my family, but also where I can share my ideas and feel heard. Dialogue and discussions are highly valued here. »

Francionio S.

Laboratory Attendant

« Premix is my home, my family. I grew up with Premix – this is where I got married and raised my children. Here, there is no such thing as calling in sick on a Monday (laughs)! Work can be hard, but we remain cool and composed. Each completed project is a source of great pride and celebration for us! The satisfaction and joy I feel makes any fatigue fly right out the window! Through this job, I have been able to discover incredible nooks and corners of Mauritius! We must do our best to attract youngsters to this profession and help them develop a taste for the job. »

Guito C.

Subcontracted driver

Mix with the right attitude: such
is our philosophy !

By making mutual support, listening and sharing our driving force, we have cultivated a deeply humane approach.

Each person is encouraged to share their ideas and bring solutions forward. The more experienced colleagues pass on their know-how to new recruits, ensuring that everyone is aligned around shared values and the same culture.


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Premix is always on
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We are proud
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to grow our team.

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Health, Safety and Environment Officer.

Premix Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The United Basalt Products Ltd, is looking to recruit a Health, Safety and Environment Officer.

Health, Safety and Environment Officer

Premix Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The United Basalt Products Ltd, is looking to recruit a Health, Safety and Environment Officer.

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