19 June 2024

Everything you need to know about the concrete mixer truck

Easily-recognised with its distinct spinning drum, the concrete mixer truck is the fastest and simplest means to deliver ready-to-go concrete on a construction site. Easily-recognised with its distinct spinning drum, the concrete mixer truck is the fastest and simplest means to deliver ready-to-go concrete on a construction site. Here is everything that you need to know about the concrete mixer to ensure that secure and adequate supply is provided to you with complete ease.

What is a concrete mixer truck?

Also known as a cement mixer, the concrete mixer truck is the most commonly-used delivery method to transport fresh concrete from the concrete plant to the site.

Composed of a tractor and of a slightly-inclined drum that comes in various sizes, the rotation system is responsible for mixing the cement. The spinning drum, powered by the engine of the truck or an independent engine, ensures that the concrete is mixed homogeneously while being transported. In fact, the spinning drum needs to be in constant movement to guarantee that the cement remains soft for application. From the moment it leaves the concrete plant, the mixer has to be in motion for under three hours. In order for these conditions to be respected and the quality of the concrete to remain premium, Premix has set up four plants spread out over the island.

When should a concrete mixer truck be used?

The drum is used when access to the construction site is straightforward, given that the unloading distance cannot exceed 2.5 metres. Beyond that distance, other more suitable methods are recommended, such as the concrete pump.

When all adequate conditions are aligned, pouring concrete becomes an easy task. At the rear of the concrete mixer truck, we can find the discharge cone, a hydraulic gangway and its drainage system composed of an unloading cone and a chute. Once the concrete is out of the cone, it passes through the chute and with the help of gravity, it will be steered and directly poured on the location of the construction site (it can be angled at 180°).

A real child’s play!

What is the price of a concrete mixer truck?

For flooring with a thickness of 12 centimetres, it would cost between Rs 4 200 and Rs 4 500 excluding VAT per m3 – that is, between Rs 500 and Rs 540 excluding VAT per m2. And while the price of concrete is non-negotiable, it is a solution that would helping in completing the construction site quickly and seamlessly. In fact, getting ready-to-use concrete delivered to you with the help of a concrete mixer truck enables quicker pouring of concrete than a concrete mixer. A time-saving solution all while optimising the cost of the construction site!

What volume can a concrete mixer truck transport?

With Premix, between   of concrete can be transported in a concrete mixer truck to the construction site.

Typically, a standard concrete mixer truck can meet the common needs of a site, such as the pouring of concrete, in one trip. Beyond that, several concrete mixer truck trips will have to be arranged, all while taking into consideration the delivery output.

What are the precautionary measures to be taken before ordering ready-to-use concrete?

There are many benefits to getting concrete directly delivered by a concrete mixer truck. Not having to prepare concrete on the construction site is a real time and energy saver and also helps in managing the site better. Moreover, choosing concrete made in the plant guarantees that the material is trustworthy and in line with the   by various construction sites.

For all ready-to-use concrete ordered at the plant, certain precautionary measures are to be undertaken. Before placing an order, it is necessary to calculate the required quantity needed for the site. Bear in mind that concrete is a very dense matter: 1 m3 of concrete weighs around 2.5 tons.

To ensure that you are provided with the necessary quantity for your site, you could use our  material weight calculator.

Premix, always on the cutting edge of innovation.

Premix concrete mixer trucks can be easily identified amongst thousands by their green stripes. But they have more than one feather in their cauldron. Their GPS is one example of it.

In fact, all of our concrete mixer trucks (as well as the concrete pump trucks and other light vehicles) have been equipped with a GPS since 2016. This system enables us to accurately measure the time elapsed between loading and unloading fresh concrete on each site, but also to reinforce our productivity, ensure efficiency of our service as well as the security of our collaborators.

For instance, the GPS devices enable us to live-track the position of our vehicles in order to have better responsiveness and manage the itineraries. As a result, we are able to optimise the operational cost of our fleet, better manage our fuel usage as well as create system alerts to reinforce security in the workplace.

At Premix, we are committed to serving you concrete of the highest quality wherever you would like, and to be your partner in all your projects.  to receive a customised quote.

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