Premix is now certified Made in Moris!

At the end of 2022, Premix proudly received the Made in Moris certification. Being awarded this label represents a significant achievement for Premix, made possible by the collaborative efforts of all the teams within the company. It marks a positive stride towards strengthening Premix’s collaboration with its customers and solidifying its Mauritian expertise and local identity.

Premix’s strong commitment

Proudly developed by Mauritians for Mauritians, Premix has demonstrated unwavering dedication to innovate and to provide local high-quality solutions. The Premix philosophy is firmly rooted in its commitment to the responsibilities associated with the Made in Moris certification.

The audit, conducted in 2022 and resulting in the certification, reflects the exhaustive efforts of all the teams at Premix, and has comprehensively assessed all the components of the brand: products, marketing, company history, management commitment, production site inspection – namely, well-being and safety at the workplace, as well as sustainable practices.

“This label represents a real achievement for us and is the result of collective efforts,” states Vikram Gunnoo, General Manager at Premix. “Receiving this award was only made possible by the diligent work and strong motivation of our teams, who were determined to proudly represent the Made in Moris brand. I am proud of the journey we have accomplished to reach this goal and to become a valued member of the Made in Moris community. Ena nou lame ladan!

Premix aims to become the preferred partner for Mauritians in all their construction endeavours by providing high-quality products. Our locally mixed and tested concrete adheres to European standards, and we have continuously strive to expand our product range. Additionally, our dedicated Research and Development department has always ensured that our service is consistently diligent for our valued clientele.

UBP : all three concrete brands within the Group now certified.

Currently, Made in Moris comprises over 130 company members and 300 certified brands across the island in various sectors, including global retail and tourism. The label was established in 2012 to reinforce the collective voice of “Made in Mauritius”, promoting economic growth in Mauritius and showcasing the country’s skills and capacity for innovation.

This ambitious and significant certification represents a genuine commitment to trust and expertise. It serves as a ‘concrete’ tool for consumers but is also essential for companies to demonstrate their reliability.

UBP and Drymix have been proud Made in Moris members since its inception a decade ago. With this esteemed title at its helm, Premix has played a significant role in actively contributing to the preservation and creation of jobs nationwide. Premix’s addition to this prestigious certification marks a significant milestone for the group, reaffirming their commitment to serving the Mauritian people and honouring our collective national heritage.

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