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Carefully selected ingredients,
Local know-how,
And hours of work.

A chef and his well-rehearsed brigade,
Driven by the desire to do well:
“Break-redo”, meticulous lab tests,
Research, innovation, passion and creativity.

A quality product.
Mixed with attitude,
Served without fuss in its pot…
Directly to your home, in a green striped truck!
To be consumed very fresh.

Premix concretes

Our concretes, already mixed, offer a personalized response to your needs.
They are ready to be cast wherever you are, for all your projects.

The Classics

The Esthetics

The Pro Series

Together, let's give shapes and colors to all your projects!

Whatever your needs, Premix has a tailor-made solution
to offer.

• Supply
• Supply & Pump
• Supply, Pump & Placing

Our engagements

Demanding for the love of the profession and proud of our products, we do everything we can to provide you with quality solutions, adapted to all your needs.

The laboratory:
Quality Control,

Between the quality control constantly carried out on our products and the research to develop new solutions, the days at our laboratory in Bambous are dynamic.

HSE: safety and
the environment at heart
of our commitments

Because supporting you in the realization of your projects is a privilege, we do everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone on our sites: employees, customers, but also visitors. More than a commitment, it is a moral imperative.

Concrete from A to Z

All about concrete with Premix!

Our activities

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